1. Payment terms

  • A pro-forma invoice will be sent via email.
  • Direct deposits are required (all bank charges for your account), with proof of payment emailed.
  • Goods will only be dispatched upon receipt of proof of payment.
  • Credit card payments are accepted (in-store or processed via PayGate).

Please note that we do not accept payments via PayPal for now.

2. Dispatch

You can choose to receive your purchases via one of the methods below. Note that turnaround times depend on your location and vary considerably. No additional charge is levied for packaging and handling, but shipping fee is for your account.

2.1 Within South Africa

 South African Post Office where you collect from your local branch

  • PostNet to PostNet
  • Domestic courier service of our choice
  • Private collection (your own courier or driver)

2.2 International

  • South African Post Office (via airmail) with turnaround between 30 and 40 working days. Please note that regular strike action can delay shipments up to 3 months. (We do not recommend shipping with South African Post Office due to delays in delivery and tampering of parcels.)
  • FedEx Priority International Courier Service with turnaround between 5 and 7 working days (our courier of choice)
  • International Courier Service of your choice.

PLEASE NOTE:  All international orders are subject to Customs and Duty fees (TAX). Customs and Duty fees are calculated upon import, and will be for your OWN ACCOUNT. By Law, House of Embroidery dispatches every order with a Commercial Invoice. Please note that certain countries do not release parcels until Customs and Duty fees are paid in full, where after parcels are rejected upon import and returned to South Africa. Orders that are rejected due to unpaid customs fees by the consignee will not be refunded. 

3. Returns Policy

Parcel returns within South Africa will be reviewed according to the guidelines of the Consumer Protection Act. International returns will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

4. Tampered parcels

If your parcel has been tampered with, please contact us immediately for investigation.

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