• Cotton Perlé

    Cotton Perlé (291)

    Cotton Perlé Embroidery Thread This is a hi-sheen mercerized 100% cotton twisted thread that cannot be split. It is available in three thicknesses: - #5 (Thickest) - #8 (Medium) - #12 (Thinnest) Perlé is highly suitable for any number of popular embroidery techniques, including cross-stitch, needlepoint, dimensional embroidery, and other types of creative thread work such as Folk-Art styles and…
  • Cotton 6 Strand Thread

    Cotton 6 Strand Thread (194)

    Cotton 6-Strand Embroidery Thread Also known as stranded thread, floss and mouline, this is a hi-sheen mercerized 100% cotton thread that splits easily into 6 individual strands. Combining any number of stranded embroidery threads gives the embroiderer creative freedom to achieve a multi-dimensional look, resulting in an embroidery piece that has beautiful depth and perspective. Stranded embroidery thread is most…
  • Silk Ribbon

    Silk Ribbon (116)

    Silk Embroidery Ribbon Directly imported from Japan, our 100% silk ribbon has no joins and is delightfully soft and easy to work with. It comes in three thicknesses: - 2mm - 4mm (most commonly used) - 7mm Silk ribbon is most often used for ribbon embroidery and needle painting, either on its own or in creative combinations with other threads.…
  • Silk Thread

    Silk Thread (116)

    Silk Embroidery Thread Silk thread is a natural fibre with a lustrous sheen available as single strands in the following mediums: - Raw silk (matt finish) - Fine silk (gloss finish) Stronger and shinier than cotton, silk thread can add visual interest and texture to your embroidery, be it quilting, needle point, cross stitch or whatever your creative genius comes…
  • Rayon

    Rayon (83)

    Rayon Embroidery Thread Rayon is a man-made fibre produced from wood pulp and is also known in the industry as viscose. Rayon has a glossy finish and is available in a single-stranded corded thread. Rayon thread is often used as an accent to create very high shine and can be applied to most embroidery pieces or techniques. The high shine…
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