Perle is a high sheen 100% cotton twisted thread that cannot be split. It is available in three thicknesses:

  • #12 (Thinnest)
  • #8 (Medium)
  • #5 (Thickest)

This thread covers quickly and can be used to create any stitch and is popularly used in schwalam, needlepoint, countered threadwork, jacobbean, blackwork, needle weaving, long & short, candlewicking, stumpwork, raised embroidery, canvas work, dimensional embroidery, Mountellick, ribbon embroidery, Hungarian embroidery, tapestry work, crochet, cross stitch, drawn threadwork, pull threadwork, hardanger, knitting, lacework, redwork, smocking, appliqué & quilt tying & embellishing.

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  • Perle #5

  • Perle #8

  • Perle #12