Care Guide

Prior to embroidering

Whilst every care is taken to remove any excess dye for our fibres, red or dark colours should always be tested before stitching.

Pull a sheet of white paper towel or cloth along a moistened length of thread. Alternatively, press the thread between the folds of a cloth with a steam iron. If any colour shows on the cloth, rinse the thread several times in cool water until all excess colour is removed.

Recommended cleaning method for embroidered work

We recommend the use of a 100% pure soap.

Rub soap onto your embroidered work, leave for a few minutes. Wash with plenty of lukewarm water. Place on a towel face down and press gently. Leave in the sun to dry.

DO NOT LEAVE EMBROIDERED WORK TO SOAK. South African water contains chlorine and fluoride, which agitate the dyes.